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Food & Drink Info serves as an extensive, curated directory to help users discover and learn about unique, artisanal, small-batch, and up-and-coming food and beverage brands from around the world. We focus on specialty brands that foodies may not encounter through mainstream channels.

The directory features thousands of handpicked brands that meet our standards for quality, unique offerings, and compelling stories. It covers a diverse range of products including alcohol, baked goods, candy, chocolate, coffee & tea, condiments, dairy, desserts, drinks, snacks, spices, subscription boxes, and more.

Users can easily browse and search this robust directory to find brands based on category, location, name, ingredients, dietary needs, flavors, and other attributes. Our filtering and search functionality allows users to delve deep into their specific tastes and preferences.

We provide in-depth brand spotlights that share origin stories, founders, production processes, ingredients lists, reviews, and other details to pique user interest and paint a rich picture of each brand. Recommendation engines, expert reviews, and user ratings help guide discovery.

The website also offers news reports on the latest food and drink trends, exclusive coupon codes and discounts for our users, community forums where foodies discuss products, and new feature additions we implement based on user feedback.

Our goal is to provide food lovers with a user-friendly platform to expand their palates and knowledge by discovering niche brands and products they may not find in average grocery stores or restaurants. We aim to be the go-to food and drink directory for unique discoveries.


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You can browse brands by category or location using the menus at the top of the page. Or use the search bar to look for specific brand names, ingredients, flavors, dietary needs, and more. Advanced filters help refine your search further.

We curate a diverse range of emerging and established brands offering everything from alcohol to desserts, snacks, coffee & tea, condiments, baked goods, candies, and more. We focus on specialty small-batch, artisanal, family-owned, and international brands.

We continuously update our directory to add exciting new discoveries. Brands must meet our quality standards to be listed and our team actively seeks out new additions. New brands are added multiple times per week, so be sure to check back often!

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